Patriot Flag Donation Program

Program Information

The Patriot Flag Donation Program was developed to provide our residents with an opportunity to show their pride in our Country and our community, and to honor their fellow patriots and loved ones. 

About Our Flags

The City of Chino Hills displays more than 100 American flags along major streets. The flags, which are flown everyday, are replaced two times per year. With your support, the American flags will continue to wave proudly on the streets of Chino Hills reflecting our proud American Heritage.

Waving American Flag“So That All May Know We Are Proud!” 


Flags may be dedicated to a loved one and/or donated by individuals, families, schools, or sports, community, and civic groups. Donations may be made to honor military service personnel, Veterans, or the memory of a loved one. The program is for everyone, from honoring those who serve our Country to those who want to display their civic pride.

Learn How You Can Support the Chino Hills Patriot Flag Program!


You can help keep these flags flying with a $100 donation.

Donation Forms

Forms should be completed and mailed to: Patriot Flag Donation Program
c/o City of Chino Hills
14000 City Center Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709
Fill Out the Patriot Flag Donation Program Form

Method of Payment

Payments must be made by check. Include a check for $100 made payable to the City of Chino Hills along with your donation form.

Thanks For Your Support

To show gratitude for your generous support of the Chino Hills Patriot Flag Donation Program, the City will award donors with a Certificate of Recognition from the Mayor of Chino Hills. In addition, the City displays an engraved plaque listing individual donations in the lobby of the City Yard.