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The Chino Hills Military Recognition Banner Program is designed to honor military personnel who reside in the City of Chino Hills. In order to qualify as a participant, the honoree must be a member of the Armed Forces and a Chino Hills resident or an immediate family member of a Chino Hills resident (wife/husband, son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter). Banners are installed for the serviceperson’s length of active service and are removed when the service person is no longer active in the military. Banner applications will be processed and installed on a continuous basis. Timing of the banner installation and removal will be at the City’s discretion.

Military Banner Honorees

Banner Fee & Refunds

All fees for new military banner applications, as well as maintenance and replacement fees for existing banners, will be waived. 

Must show a drivers license or utility bill verifying the Chino Hills address of the serviceperson or family member. 

Banner Locations

The military banners will be on display continuously at available locations along portions of Grand Avenue, Chino Hills Parkway, Soquel Canyon, and Butterfield Ranch Road. The banners will be installed by the City and removed when the banner is damaged or the service person is no longer in the military.

Banner Form and Photo

Use the Online Banner Order Form to submit your order online.

A photo of the service person in their uniform will be required.  You can upload a high-quality .jpeg or .png file in the online order form or email it to the Community Services Coordinator. If you do not have a digital copy, please make an appointment to scan a 5x7 or larger hard copy of the photo at the Chino Hills Community Center with the Coordinator. 

NOTE: The spelling of the name will be taken directly from the order form. Lettering of the name and branch of service will be sized to fit the personalized area on the banner.

If you have any questions, please contact Community Services Coordinator through email or by calling (909) 364-2701.

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