What is Open and Not Open

What is Open in San Bernardino County

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Check back frequently for updates. Last updated October 22, 2020.

Skin Care, Tattoo Studios & Massage Therapy (Effective October 20, 2020)
State Guidance for Personal Services (PDF)


Outdoor Operations at Restaurant (Patios) and Food Trucks
State Guidance for Dine-in Restaurants (PDF)
State Guidance for Outdoor Dining (PDF)

The City of Chino Hills has approved temporary policies to help restaurants and businesses facing significant economic impact due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants and retail food facilities are encouraged to contact the City to take advantage of a streamlined, simplified process, to provide additional seating outdoors in adjacent parking areas or patios. Staff is providing expedited processing for the no cost Outdoor Dining Patio permit. An application is available online. In addition, permit fees for temporary banners and special retail business promotion events have been waived. Contact the Community Development Department at (909) 364-2740 for an appointment and information.

Indoor Operations at Hair Salons and Barbershops
State Guidance for Hair Salons and Barbershops (PDF)

Outdoor Personal Care Services - Esthetic (facials and waxing), skin care, and cosmetology, nail services, and massage therapy (in non-healthcare settings).
State Guidance for Expanded Personal Care Services Outdoors (PDF) 

Outdoor Operations at Wineries & Tasting Rooms
State Guidance for Bars and Wineries (PDF)

Outdoor Operations at Family Entertainment Center
State Guidance for Family Entertainment Centers (PDF)

Outdoor Operations at Museums, Galleries, and Zoos
State Guidance for Museums, Galleries, and Zoos (PDF)

Outdoor Operations at Bars, Brewpubs, Breweries, and Pubs
May be open if they offer sit-down, outdoor dine-in meals. Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal.
State Guidance for Bars and Wineries (PDF)

Outdoor Operations at Gyms and Fitness Centers
State Guidance for Gyms and Fitness Centers (PDF)

State Guidance for Campgrounds (PDF)

State Guidance for Hotels (PDF)

Satellite Wagering Facilities
State Guidance for Satellite Wagering Facilities (PDF)

Essential Services
Banks / convenience stores / essential state and government functions (law enforcement and offices that provide government programs and services) / food (farmers markets, food banks, grocery stores) / gas stations / financial institutions / laundromats and laundry services / pharmacies

Indoor Retail, Shopping Centers, and Malls (at maximum 25% capacity)
Bookstores / clothing and shoe stores / florists / home and furnishing stores / jewelry stores / sporting goods stores / toy stores / manufacturing and logistics to support retail / malls and swap meets
State Guidance for Shopping Centers (PDF) 
State Guidance for Retail (PDF)

Healthcare Services
Dental services / preventative care services and elective surgeries / telehealth encouraged

Limited Services
(Does not generally require close customer contact)
Appliance repair / car washes / dog walking / pet grooming / residential and janitorial cleaning / plumbing

Critical infrastructure and essential sectors

Drive-in movies / golf courses / lakes / outdoor museums / outdoor rentals (kayaks, bikes, boats, carts, etc.) parks / trails / yard & garage sales

Child Care
Daycare facilities / in-home babysitting

Drive-Up Graduation Ceremonies

Short-term Rentals and Campgrounds
One campsite / short-term rental per immediate household; no gatherings or parties

Trade Schools that Support Essential Workers

What is NOT open in San Bernardino County

Effective July 13 (no end date announced) Counties that have remained on the County Monitoring List for three consecutive days (which includes San Bernardino County) will be required to shut down the following industries or activities unless they can be modified to operate outside or by pick-up.  The State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health provided guidance.

Bars, Brewpubs, Breweries, and Pubs
Must close all operations both indoor and outdoor statewide unless they are offering sit-down, outdoor dine-in meals.  Alcohol can only be sold in the same transaction as a meal.

The following industries are required to shut down unless they can be modified to operate outside or by pick-up:

Fitness Facilities
State Guidance for Fitness Facilities (PDF)

Religious Services
State Guidance for Places of Worship (PDF)

Indoor protests

Offices for non-critical infrastructure sectors as identified at covid19.ca.gov.

Visit covid19.ca.gov for more information and view the State Guidance.