Chino Hills Trails Challenge


Thank you to everyone that participated in the January Trails Challenge! Congratulations to all of our winners! Join us again in June for the next Trails Challenge!

Danny Pineda 50 and Over Winner
Christina Cunningham 18 to 49 Winner
Miles Parker and Liza Lai 17 and Under winners

Chino Hills Trails Challenge Winners

updated- February 4, 2021 (FINAL)

Total Miles Hiked: 3,765.01

Age Category: 50 and older

1Danny Pineda280.05
2Robert Dunham276.15
3Karen Mayo250.45
4Lisa Grotz230.63
5Kerry Woods204.00

Age Category: 18-49

1Christina Cunningham150.48
2Ruxiang Qian96.38
3Theresa Jenkins86.84
4Vanessa Mendoza54.34
5Pauline Wong51.30

Age Category: 17 and Under

1Miles Lai110.85
2Parker Lai110.85
3Liza Lai110.85
4Brent Holtkamp18.40
5Tessa Holtkamp18.40

Overall rankings