Measure M

Ballot Measure M

The Chino Hills City Council has placed a measure on the November 3, 2020 Municipal Election ballot proposing to increase the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) 2%, from 10% to 12%.  TOT (also known as the hotel tax) is a general tax, which is directed to the City’s general fund and may be used for any lawful local governmental purpose. Resolutions proposing this general tax were approved by the City Council on July 14, 2020. A general tax rate increase must be submitted to the electorate and approved by a majority vote (50% + one). 

TOT is a charge paid by guests of hotels and lodging facilities in the City. TOT rates in the region range from 8% to 14% of the room rate. TOT is a way for the City to tax visitors to contribute toward the cost of City services. The proposed TOT increase, from 10% to 12%, would, for example, add $3.00 to the cost of a room renting for $150. This change would provide an estimated additional $260,000 in annual revenues to fund City services. 

Ballot Measure M Documents