FY 2021-22 Street Improvement Project

Project Description:

The work comprises, but is not limited to: mobilization; traffic control; selective 2-inch grind and 2-inch AC overlay; 5-foot wide tapered grind (0.00 - .12’-depth); adjustment of utility manhole covers and water valve can covers as necessary; crack seal; application of Type I conventional slurry; restoration of speed hump in kind; and restoration of striping, pavement markings/ markers, and legends, in the various residential streets in Chino Hills.

Depending on the existing condition and needs of a street, the repair work may consist of the following: 

1.    Removal by grinding small pavement sections and overlaying deteriorated asphalt pavement (patch work); and

2.    Removal by grinding 5-foot wide sections and full-width overlaying asphalt pavement; and

3.    Crack sealing; and

4.    Slurry sealing over the entire pavement.

Slurry sealing is a preventative maintenance process that is designed to prolong the life of the asphalt surface and avoid the development of potholes.  

Notice of Exemption (NOE) - Filed March 23, 2022


Project Work Areas

  • Morningfield Drive, Et Al. – Residential public streets bounded by Eucalyptus Avenue to the north, Peyton Drive to the east, and Morningfield Drive to the west and south; and
  • Champion Area – Residential public streets bounded by Eucalyptus Avenue on the north, Morningfield Drive to the east, Chino Hills Parkway to the west, Champion Street to the south; and
  • Paseo Del Palacio, Et Al. – Residential public streets bounded by Eucalyptus Ave to the north and west, Carbon Canyon Road to the east; and
  • Paseo Grande, Et Al. – Residential public streets of Paseo Grande, Calle Barcelona, Vista Del Sol, Calle Del Oro, Camino Arroyo, Avenida Del Monte; and
  • Vista Del Norte, Et Al. – Residential public streets of Vista Del Norte, Calle Lomita, Calle Miramar, and Via La Loma.

Current Construction Activities:

Slurry Seal Repair

Slurry Seal repair has been completed. City evaluating work.  Additional work may be required at later date.  When work resumes, contractor will post "NO PARKING" signs and distributing door hangers to affected residential areas.

Slurry Repair Location Listing & Map (PDF)

Site Map (PDF)

Street Improvement Brochure (PDF)

Construction Timeframe: 

40 working days

Point of Contact:

Fe Rama, Senior Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2776
Email: frama@chinohills.org