Maroon Bell - Winchester Water Main Replacement Project

Project Description:

The work comprises, but is not limited to: Mobilization; traffic control; installation of approximately 3,900 LF of 8-inch PVC C900 DR 14 pipe, including gate valves, fixtures, appurtenances, thrust blocks, blow off, and air vac assemblies, and removal of portions of existing pipe.  In addition, the work consists of installation of 111 EA 1-inch copper water service laterals and connecting to existing meters; installation of fire hydrants and valve assemblies, abandon-in-place existing water mains, pressure testing, disinfection, BacTs; trenching and pavement restoration, crack seal, slurry seal application, replacement of concrete cross gutter, speed hump, and restoration of pavement markings, raised markers, and striping; and other necessary work to complete the water replacement and street improvements.

Notice of Exemption - Filed July 12, 2023


Ashcroft Court
Copper Saddle Way
Gold Dust Way
Maroon Bell Road
Prospector Lane
Redstone Court
Stetson Way
Telluride Drive
Winchester Way

Current Construction Activities:

Bid Opening is August 17, 2023.  
Anticipated Contract Award Date is September 2023.
Start of Construction - TBD

Location Map

Construction Timeframe: 

95 working days

Point of Contact:

Fe Rama, Sr. Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2776

Danny Hernandez, Assistant Engineer
Phone: (909) 364-2760