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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycling is a big step towards solving our waste problems now and into the future and helps control the volume of waste dumped into our landfills. 

Recycling 101

Recycling Do's and Don'ts

What can be recycled - Recycling Guide 

Learn guidelines and common myths related to recycling. You can also download and print WM Curbside Recycling Myths guide to help spread the word. 

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Reduce the amount of trash, recyclables, and food waste. Cut back on purchasing one use items so less items are ending up at our landfills. 
Find new ways to use things that otherwise would have been thrown out. 
Recycle clean glass, metal, bottles, cans, household containers, cardboard and paper that can be reused and turned into something new like picnic benches, playground equipment, and more. 
  1. Acceptable Items
  2. Non-Acceptable Items
  • Aluminum foil and tin, aluminum, and steel cans including: aerosol cans (empty), canned foods (empty)
  • Cardboard (clean and flattened)
  • Paper including: Computer paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail, and wrapping paper
  • Food and beverage containers including: Mike and juice cartons, cereal boxes (no lining), frozen food boxes, egg cartons
  • Glass bottles and jars (lids off)
  • Plastic bottles and containers including: laundry bottles

To find the collection site nearest to you, call toll free 1(800) 8-BATTERY or 1(877) 2-RECYCLE. Batteries cannot be disposed with your trash waste.