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Posted on: July 27, 2022

Baby formula is still hard to find. Here are some tips to consider before shopping.

Formula Shortage - nf

Baby formula seems to still be challenging to find. Many of the local stores report that while they are able to stock their shelves with formula, the product doesn’t stay on the shelf for very long. So we have compiled some information that may be of assistance to you. Because when you face a challenge, we want to help!    

Did you know that local grocery, convenience, and warehouse stores, and pharmacies, often receive their shipments on certain days?  By knowing when our local stores get their shipments, you will increase your chances of finding formula on the shelves.  For your convenience, we have provided that helpful information here

Other tips to consider, as we face this baby formula challenge together:   

  • If you see it, don’t wait to buy it. The supply is often gone if you come back later that day.
  • Stores often limit the quantity to two (2) per customer because supplies are limited.
  • Family and friends are often willing to pick up a can or two when they find them in stock, so make sure they know what product you need.
  • Watch social media, community members often post what stores have formula in stock.