Fairfield Ranch Trail

Fairfield Ranch Trail Map

Trail Description

The Fairfield Ranch Trail begins on the northeast corner of the Fairfield Ranch Park. The Fairfield Ranch Trail goes up the paved access road which takes you to the top of Fairfield Ranch Park. The trail continues at the top of the service road on the paved trail through the Fairfield Ranch neighborhood and Danbury Park. It consists of paved terrain with no elevation gain. The trail ends at the entrance to the 7-Eleven market and gas station.

Trail Elevation Chart

Fairfield Ranch Trail Elevation Chart

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Trail Rating Icons

Dogs must be on a leash. 
2.0 Miles

Difficulty Rating

Trail Difficulty Definitions

Cumulative Elevation Gain
53 ft.

Main Access Point

Fairfield Ranch Trailhead
Fairfield Ranch Park
16333 Fairfield Ranch Road

Secondary Access Points

  1. Kernworth Way (No parking)
  2. Bastian Way (No parking)
  3. Wyndham Way (No parking)
  4. Danbury Way (No parking)
  5. Fairfield Ranch at the 7-Eleven Market (No parking)

Time Estimate

45 minutes for beginner

Trail Hours

May to September, 7 am to 9 pm October to April, 7 am  to  7 pm