The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) is a federal grant program by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  CDBG is a formula grant allocated to local governments for the purpose of developing viable urban communities by providing decent housing, a suitable living environment, and expanding economic opportunities principally for persons of low and moderate income.

Each year the City of Chino Hills receives approximately $400,000 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from HUD for local community development, housing activities, and public services.  The City administers the distribution of funds to service providers and for capital projects.  Regulations governing the CDBG program require that each activity undertaken with CDBG funds meet one of the following three national objectives:

  • Benefit people with low and moderate incomes
  • Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums and blight
  • Meet an urgent need (such as earthquakes, flood, or hurricane relief)


The City of Chino Hills is pleased to announce the availability of approximately $58,000 in funding for the CDBG Program.  The City invites qualified organizations with eligible programs to apply for 2024-25 CDBG funds.  Funding will be for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2024, and ending June 30, 2025.  Applications will be accepted December 4, 2023, through January 8, 2024.  All nonprofit organizations that meet federal guidelines are eligible to submit an application, including faith-based organizations. Organizations must be nonprofit and eligible activities must meet one of the national objectives listed above. 

City CDBG funds shall support only those services that directly benefit low- and moderate-income persons residing within City of Chino Hills limits.  Programs operated on a countywide or regional basis must show documentation that: (a) services benefit City residents, and (b) sufficient funds are available to support non-City residents.  

For additional information, you may contact Alma Hernandez at the City of Chino Hills by telephone at (909) 364-2717, or by email to

For the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2023 and ending June 30, 2024, the City of Chino Hills proposes the utilization of CDBG funds to implement the programs listed below: 

Public Service Programs:

Chino Hills LibraryAdult Literacy Services$    15,000
Chino Neighborhood HouseFood Assistance
$    20,000
House of RuthDomestic Violence Services$    17,600
Inland Fair Housing & Mediation BoardLandlord/Tenant Mediation Services$      6,000
Community Improvement Projects
Grant Administration
$    86,100
Home Improvement Grant Program
$    86,000


The City contracts with Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board to provide fair housing services.  The agency works to fulfill a mission of protecting the quality of life in Chino Hills by ensuring equal access to housing opportunities, fostering diversity, and preserving dignity and human rights.  If you have been a victim of housing discrimination, call 909-984-2254 x175 or go to the Inland Fair Housing and Mediation Board site.