What is the Community Development Block Grant?
CDBG stands for Community Development Block Grant. CDBG is a federally funded program that Congress budgets every year. The City receives its share of CDBG funds from the Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) to address a wide range of community development needs, ranging from neighborhood improvements, public services, economic development to affordable housing – just to name a few.
In the City, CDBG funds are managed by the Community Services Department and are distributed according to community needs as determined by the annual Consolidated Planning process. The Mayor, City Council and community members have an opportunity to provide input and then funds are allocated to various City departments and nonprofit organizations to implement needed activities. You might see these funds being used in the City through services provided by House of Ruth, YMCA, the Chino Hills Branch Library, or through various community improvements.

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1. What is the Community Development Block Grant?
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