Contract Class Instructor

Interested in becoming a Contracted Class Instructor through the City of Chino Hills Community Services Department? Do you have a hobby or skill that you want to share with our community?

Proposal Requirements

The best contract instructor candidates are individuals who combine a sincere interest in community service with a desire to supplement their existing income. Please note, workshops or classes designed to sell or recommend products from your business are prohibited.

Classes that fit the City's criteria and residents needs will be considered.

Examples of Classes 

  • Dance
  • Special Interest
  • Music
  • Fitness
  • Special Needs
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sports
  • Language
  • Cooking

Specifically Looking for

  • Low Impact Fitness
  • Guang Chang Wu (Chinese Square Dancing)
  • Thai Chi
  • Instructors with their own teaching facility


  • Is the program being requested by the citizens of Chino Hills and is this need documented?
  • Is the program currently being provided by the Community Services Department or other entity in Chino Hills? Would this create an unnecessary duplication of service or compete directly with programs that the department currently operates? For the current idea of classes/programs offered please go to the Rec Brochure.

Recreation Guide Class Seasons

Winter: January through February

  • Proposals must be submitted by June 1st

Spring: March through May

  • Proposals must be submitted by August 1st

Summer: June through Mid August

  • Proposals must be submitted by November 1st

Fall: End of August through Middle of December

  • Proposals must be submitted by February 1st

Contract Class Instructor Documents

Contract Instructor Class Proposal (PDF)