General Plan

About Our General Plan

Every California city must adopt a comprehensive, long term general plan. The General Plan must cover a local jurisdiction’s entire planning area and address the broad range of issues associated with the city’s development. The General Plan is the city’s constitution or blueprint for its long range physical development.

The City of Chino Hills General Plan is the master plan for the physical development of the community and is comprised of 8 elements: 

Land Use
Parks, Recreation and Open Space
Economic Development

The General Plan establishes goals and objectives to guide decision-making by City officials and staff. It also identifies land use designations, including the maximum density allowed, for all property within the City.

General Plan Update and Community Surveys

The City of Chino Hills is in the process of updating its General Plan and wants to hear from you! Over the next few months, there will be several community surveys the public will be encouraged to take to provide feedback.

The General Plan is based on the community's vision for the future of the City of Chino Hills. From the time of its incorporation, the City has envisioned itself as a community with a high quality of life while preserving its rural character. The General Plan update will refine the City's vision to maintain the City's high quality of life and to meet the challenges of today. Click the link below to view the Notice of Preparation (NOP) and Scoping Meeting for the Draft Subsequent Program Environmental Impact Report.

NOP - General Plan Update and Zoning Map Amendment

Environmental Justice Survey

California Senate Bill 1000 requires all cities to include an Environmental Justice Element to their updated General Plan. The Environmental Justice survey is the second survey of the General Plan update and will help determine environmental inequities in our City.

Take the survey and share your ideas here!

General Plan 2015

The City of Chino Hills current General Plan was adopted in February 2015 and is available below.

City of Chino Hills - General Plan (2015 (PDF) 

The current General Plan incorporates 2015 updates to the General Plan Land Use Map and six of the City’s General Plan elements: Land Use, Circulation, Conservation, Safety, Noise, and Economic Development. The current Housing Element was adopted in 2013 and the current Parks, Recreation and Open Space Element was adopted in 2008. See links below. 

General Plan Land Use Map - 24 by 36 (PDF)
General Plan Land Use Map – 8.5 by 11 (PDF)
City of Chino Hills Housing Element (2014-2021)
City of Chino Hills Parks, Recreation and Open Space Element (2008) (PDF) 

General Plan 2015 Final EIR

The Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the City of Chino Hills General Plan incorporates the Draft EIR including all Appendices to the Draft EIR.

The Final EIR also includes Attachment A, which consists of:

  • Comments received on the Draft EIR;
  • Responses of the City, as Lead Agency, to significant environmental points raised in the review and consultation process.

The Final EIR also includes Attachment B which contains the Mitigation Monitoring Program (MMP) for the City of Chino Hills General Plan.

The Final EIR and all Appendices and Attachments are available below:

Final Program EIR for the City of Chino Hills (PDF)
EIR Appendices (PDF)
Attachment A – Comments and Responses to Comments on the Draft EIR (PDF)
Attachment B – Mitigation Monitoring Program (MMP) (PDF)

Measure U (Ordinance No. 123) - Residential Density Increase Limitations

Measure U limits residential density increases within the City.  The measure was adopted on November 23, 1999, as a result of the approval by a sufficient number of affirmative votes of the Save Our Canyon Initiative at a Special Municipal Election held on November 2, 1999. The full Measure U text is available below.

Measure U (Ordinance Number 123) - Residential Density Increase Limitations (PDF)

Policies for the Southeast Area - Zoned 1DU/40AC

The General Plan Land Use Element establishes special policies for the Southeast Area of the City of Chino Hills. The policies include:

Goal LU-1: Protect Chino Hills’ Natural Environment.

Policy LU-1.1: Preserve Chino Hills’ Rural Character by Limiting Intrusion of Development into Natural Open Spaces.

Action LU-1.1.17: For the southeastern portion of the City designated with an asterisk as "*40 ac. min. lot size" in the City’s Zoning Map dated January 14, 2013, as shown in Figure 3-2 of the General Plan Update EIR, retain the City’s General Plan policies and statements adopted and in effect prior to this General Plan Update. The existing designations for this southeastern portion remain unchanged by this General Plan Update and the Zoning Map Amendment.

These policies are recorded in the City Zoning Map and in the Minutes from the City of Chino Hills Council meeting of February 24, 2015, and the Minutes from the City of Chino Hills Planning Commission meeting of July 7, 2015.

Zoning Map with 40 AC Minimum Area Shown (PDF)
City Council Minutes from February 24, 2015 (PDF)
Planning Commission Minutes from July 7, 2015 (PDF)