Permit Applications and Handouts

To further our efforts of maintaining the health and safety of our staff and customers, please schedule an appointment to visit the Community Development or Engineering departments. Click here to view the appointment page and link.

Effective April 1, 2021, we will no longer be receiving revisions or any new submittals of any kind via e-mail. You are required to schedule a counter appointment to submit your new plans, including revisions and/or corrections, as was the practice before the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you in advance for your support and understanding in this matter.


The City is now processing the following "No Fee" permits for business uses that have been mandated by the State of California to close indoor operations:

Temporary Outdoor Dining Patio Permit for Restaurants

COVID Temporary Use Permit for Service & Retail Businesses

Permits are being processed as quickly as possible, and on a "as submitted" basis.

The City is granting automatic time extensions for entitlement applications and building permits as a result of the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic. 
For more information on the automatic time extensions, please click here.

Permit Applications

Please see the following links to view our department permit applications and handouts by category: 

Commercial Permits/Handouts 

Residential Permits/Handouts

All applications can be turned in at the public counter in the Community Development Department. Please read "When is a permit required?" and, "What is exempt from permits (PDF)" to determine if you need a permit. If you are still unsure if you need a permit or which application(s) may be required for your project or have any additional questions please contact the Building & Safety Department at (909) 364-2780 or email Community Development.

Administrative Applications and Fee Schedules

Application / Agreements / Fee ScheduleWhen do I Need This Application?
Application Fees (PDF) Lists all application fees for the department 
Development Impact Fee Schedule (PDF)    To view development fees  
Refund Request (PDF) To obtain a refund for a project that required a trust account 
Trust Deposit Account (TDA) Application & Agreement  (PDF) In order to process a land development project, a Trust Deposit Account (TDA) must be established prior to the City commencing any work on the project