Filing a Claim


For person(s) wishing to file a claim against the City of Chino Hills, a Claim Form (PDF) must be completed and mailed or delivered to the City Clerk's Office. When completing the form, please make sure to complete the entire form. No questions are to be left blank.

Claims for death, injury to person, or claims for damage to personal property must be filed no later than six (6) months after the occurrence. (Gov. Code 911.2) Claims for damages to real property must be filed no later than one (1) year after the occurrence. (Gov. Code Sec. 911.2) Once claims are received by the City Clerk, claims are referred to the City's Claim Administrator who then reviews your claim and conducts an investigation. The Claim's Administrator then makes a recommendation to the City Council based upon the information provided and California law as to whether or not to accept or reject the claim. For more information or questions regarding claims, please call (909) 364-2633. Please submit claims to the department and address listed above.