Open Space Encroachments

Open Space - It's a Community Resource

Residents enjoy open space areas that are visible throughout the community. Our 46-square mile City has approximately 10,000 acres of protected open space. The protection of these open space areas has led to the rural atmosphere that residents treasure. In Chino Hills, you can enjoy catching a glimpse of a Red-Tailed Hawk and other varieties of wildlife

The Benefits & Challenges

City Responsibility

The City is responsible for 3,000 acres of community-owned open space. These open space areas are maintained by the City in a natural vegetative state. The beautiful views of the open space areas throughout the community provide an aesthetic benefit to the entire community. The City is committed to protecting the open space for all residents.


Some residents have encroached upon the community-owned open space. Encroachments range from planting trees and shrubs in the open space to constructing fences and structures beyond the property line on community-owned open space. These encroachments may have occurred unintentionally or were carried out by previous property owners. But there is a big problem - the City property belongs to the community.

Protecting Our Community Resources

The City is now taking steps to inventory open space encroachment issues throughout the City. If you have questions about your property or would like further information, please feel free to call Neighborhood Services at (909) 364-2714. Contacting the City for information will not trigger an enforcement action unless the encroachment causes immediate health and safety concerns. City staff will answer questions about your specific situation and help you understand what corrective action is needed.

Encroachment ExampleExamples of Open Space Encroachments

Building Improvements Beyond The Property Line

  • The white line is the property line
  • A pool, retaining walls, fencing, and landscaping extends well beyond the property line
  • An additional impact of the encroachment – the owner of the vacant lot between the houses may think the property line extends much further than it does and the problem of encroachments continues