Weed Abatement

What We Do 
The majority of open space maintenance revolves around seasonal weed abatement. Weed abatement adjacent to homes typically begins before fire season in April and continues through July. During this season you may see or hear City equipment and crews cutting weeds to ensure the safety of residents.

Why We Do It 
The work is performed to provide a buffer or fuel modification zone between structures and the open space. This work is required pursuant to the Chino Valley Independent Fire District's code.

City's Partnership with the Sheriff's Department
The City partners with the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department Glen Helen Regional Correction Center by participating in the work release program, and using community service workers for weed abatement. The labor provided is free to the City. This creates a significant cost saving in the weed abatement program. The City works closely with Glen Helen staff during weed abatement season to schedule the community service workers for this important task.

Homeowner Requirements

Homeowners are required by the Fire District to finish cutting weeds on their property by May 15th each year. The City has a later deadline because we have the entire public open space to weed abate. Chino Hills works under the direct supervision of Chino Valley Fire District. Questions or concerns about weed abatement should be directed to the Weed Abatement Hotline at 909-902-5285.