Will the City be hosting a larger city-wide National Night Out event?
No. Chino Hills focuses on neighborhood events. The National Night Out Drug and Crime Prevention event adds another dimension to and interfaces with our City's existing Neighborhood Network Program and Neighborhood Watch program. The Neighborhood Network Program is designed to develop community-building partnerships between the City , its residents ,and neighborhoods. It enables residents to improve their neighborhood by becoming a well-informed citizen. The well-informed citizen can then take an active role in identifying the issues and concerns that affect his or her neighborhood and participate in finding solutions. The National Night Out event enhances that concept by developing a police-community partnership that improves the residents neighborhoods through increased drug and crime prevention awareness and neighborhood watch groups. Not only does it revitalize watch groups that have lost their momentum, but it encourages and motivates residents to participate in neighborhood watch groups. It also promotes the "good neighbor" feeling within the community.

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1. Is National Night Out just for current Neighborhood Watch areas?
2. If Chino Hills is already registered nationally, why should my neighborhood register with the city?
3. When should we begin planning our National Night Out event?
4. Will the City be hosting a larger city-wide National Night Out event?