How to I view the City's Employee Blog?
The Employee Blog is designed similar to many popular social media sites, but is only visible to employees.

Viewing From Your City Computer:
Once logged onto your work computer for the day you will see an employee blog icon on
your desktop, double click and you will be automatically logged into the blog.

Viewing from Home or Outside Computer:
When logging into the blog from home or an outside computer, employees must enter
through the employee intranet using their website login. Once in the intranet you
must use your email address or username followed by the to access
the blog. Your password will be the same as your computer login at work.

Problems Logging In
If you are having problems logging into the Employee Blog, please submit a "Help Desk Ticket". IT will address your issue from there.Employee Blog

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1. How to I view the City's Employee Blog?
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