Adult Literacy Program

Adult Literacy Program

The City of Chino Hills contracts with the San Bernardino County Library to provide literacy services for adult residents. Community Development Block Grant funding (CDBG) provides financial support that allows the James S. Thalman Chino Hills Branch Library to offer free literacy programs for adults five days each week.

During the past twenty years, the Library's Literacy Program has determined that adults who lack literacy skills want to learn to read to improve their lives, obtain jobs or promotions, and want to be able to help their children with school requirements and homework.

Program Components

The Adult Literacy Program provides an important community service by providing free tutoring and instructional support to adult learners who struggle with reading, writing, and low literacy skills. The Literacy Program participants are adults whose skills are assessed before they are matched with trained volunteer tutors. Tutors and learners meet in the library one to two times per week for individualized instruction and help in reaching individual learning goals. These goals may include passing the GED, helping children with homework, obtaining a California Driver's License, obtaining a library card, applying for jobs online, or preparing a resume.

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, the Adult Literacy program also provides a free Mature Driver Education Course and free computer basic skills. You can learn basic computer skills such as: how to use a mouse, writing letters, sending and receiving emails, and searching the Internet.