1,2,3 TCP Removal Treatment Plant

Project Description:

The work comprises the following: mobilization, demolition, trees removal, grading and earthwork, piping, instrumentation, Booster 9 improvements (such as replacing pumps and motors, upgrading electrical units and telemetry system), landscaping, block wall, installing GAC treatment vessels, surge tank, connections to existing utility mainlines, start-up and commissioning, and other appurtenances to complete the project.  


3982 Eucalyptus Avenue, Chino Hills (See attached Project Location Map)

Current Construction Activities:

Below are the construction key milestones/ schedule:

  • November 2022:  Begin Demolition
  • Spring 2024: Testing, Start-Up, and Commissioning
  • Summer 2024: Complete Construction
Construction Update/Notices:
  • February 2023:  Electrical work is underway.

Construction Timeframe:
375 calendar days

(Note:  Working Hours are from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm, M-F, except City Holidays)

Point of Contact:

Fe Rama, P.E., Senior Engineer 
Phone: (909) 364-2776
Email: frama@chinohills.org

Site Plan