City Council

Chino Hills City Council Group PortraitAbout Us

The City Council is the elected governing body that guides the progress of the City of Chino Hills. Five members of the City Council are elected to positions and serve four-year terms. Each year the City Council selects one member to serve as Mayor for a one-year term. They vote on laws and proposals and provide legislative and policy direction to the City Manager who implements their decisions to direct the activities of the City. The City Council responds to issues and concerns of the community by allocating resources, developing policies, and formulating strategies that support the vitality and economic viability of the City. All of their decisions must be made at public meetings. 

Pictured Above - Left to Right, Bottom Row: Ray Marquez and Cynthia Moran, Top Row:  Art Bennett, Peter Rogers, Brian Johsz

City Council Members

Cynthia Moran, Mayor
Art Bennett,Vice Mayor
Brian Johsz, Council Member  
Ray Marquez, Council Member
Peter Rogers, Council Member

City Council Meetings

City Council Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm in the Chino Hills City Council Chambers, 14000 City Center Drive, unless otherwise noticed.