City Council & Commission Compensation & Benefits

City Council Compensation and Benefits

California Government Code Section 36516 authorizes a city council to enact an ordinance providing a salary based on the population of the city.  Per the May 1, 2020 California Department of Finance State Demographic Report, the population in Chino Hills is 82,409.  The base council salary for cities with a population between 75,000 and 150,000 residents is $600 per month. The salary of council members may be increased above $600 by ordinance.  However, the increase shall not exceed an amount equal to five percent (5%) for each calendar year from the operative date of the last adjustment.   California Government Code Section 36516.5 states that a change in compensation does not apply to a councilperson during his/her term of office. However, the prohibition shall not prevent the adjustment of the compensation of all members of a council serving staggered terms whenever one or more members of such council becomes eligible for a salary increase by virtue of their beginning a new term of office. 

Compensation for City Council Members is set by Ordinance and Benefits are set by Resolution.   View Chino Hills Municipal Code Section 2.04.120 for more information.

On December 1, 1991, the City Council adopted Ordinance 91-08, which set the City Council's monthly compensation at $400 per month pursuant to the provisions of Government Code Section 36516. The monthly compensation has been adjusted three times since 1991.  First, effective January 1, 2003, the City Council compensation was increased to $541.00 per month; second, effective January 1, 2007, the City Council compensation increased to $661.50 per month; and third, effective January 1, 2017, the City Council compensation increased to $826.88. 

City Commissioner Compensation (Stipend)

The stipend for Commissioners who serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission, Planning Commission, and Public Works Commission is set by Ordinance.  View Chino Hills Municipal Code Section 2.28.110 for more information.