Ordinances, Resolutions & Municipal Code


Ordinances are the laws of the City. The State of California grants City Councils the authority to pass City ordinances providing those ordinances are not in conflict with the Constitution and the laws of the State of California or the United States. An ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council; the violation is a misdemeanor unless by ordinance it is made an infraction. With minor exceptions, ordinances are codified into the Municipal Code where they become acts of law within the City’s jurisdictional boundaries.  All approved ordinances are also available for viewing and download on the City's online document management system.


Resolutions while not generally carrying the full force or weight of law, constitute written action or decision of the City. Resolutions may be adopted by the City Council. All resolutions are available for viewing and download on the City’s online document management system.


View the Chino Hills Municipal Code for a complete listing of City laws and regulations.