City TV Channels 3/41

Two local cable TV channels, also known as Government Access Channels are provided to the City of Chino Hills by Fronteir and Time Warner Cable TV through a Cable Television Franchise Agreement. Both channels are operated by the Community Relations Division of the City of Chino Hills and are key to providing the community with information on all City events, and services exclusively. Chino Hills residents can watch the airing of the City Council meetings and can view the Community Bulletin Board on the following channels:

  • City TV 3: Time Warner Cable System
  • City TV 41: Frontier Communications


Programming for the government access channels consists of a Community Bulletin Board that is available to viewers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The City Council meetings air on the channels the morning after the Tuesday night City Council meetings, and for the remainder of the week after the actual 2nd and 4th Tuesday nights meetings occur.

Community Bulletin Board

  • City of Chino Hills news and information
  • A complete listing of recreation classes, events, and workshops
  • City Hall information
  • Public meeting notices
  • Events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the City of Chino Hills

City Council Meetings Broadcast

Also airing on City TV 3/41 is a taped delayed recording of all City Council Meetings. The Council meetings air on Time Warner Cable Channel 3 & Frontier Channel 41 daily, for a period of a week and a half beginning the Wednesday after a Tuesday night meeting.

City Council Coverage

There are three ways you can watch City Council Meeting coverage:

  • Tune in to Time Warner Cable Channel 3
  • Tune in to Fronteir Channel 41
  • View Council Meetings via Video Streaming on this Website