Passport Services

The City of Chino Hills is a Passport Acceptance Facility.


The City of Chino Hills has resumed limited passport acceptance services by appointment ONLY.  Walk-in service will not be available.  Due to the ever-changing safety regulations surrounding COVID-19, our hours are subject to change without notice.  


All applicants are required to be present and bring the following items:

1. Provide a completed new Passport Application Form DS-11

2. Submit Evidence of U.S. Citizenship (original & photocopy) such as:

  • Certified birth certificate issued by the county or state*
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship

3. Present your valid identification and submit a photocopy of front and back                             (double sided copies will not be accepted) such as:

  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Current Government ID (city, state, or federal)
  • Current Military ID

4. Provide one passport photo.

5. Two separate payments as follows:

  • Application fee payable to the U.S. Department of State: personal check, money order, or cashier's check only, and
  • Execution fee payable to City of Chino Hills: personal check, money order, cashier's check, or credit/debit card**

**NOTE: Effective September 10, 2018 there will be a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.5% assessed on all transactions for the use of credit/debit cards paid to the City of Chino Hills for passport related services, which may include additional fees such as photo and/or copy fees.

Passports Previously Issued to Minors

A passport that was issued to a minor is NOT renewable by mail and should be processed at an acceptance facility using Form DS-11 (PDF) with both the previous passport and the birth certificate (original and photocopy.)

Fees May Change Without Notice

U.S. Passport Book                                       

AgePayment Number 1 U.S. Department of StatePayment Number 2 City of Chino Hills**
16 & over (book)$110.00$35.00 (DS-11 only)
15 & under (book)$80.00$35.00

U.S. Passport Card

AgePayment Number 1 U.S. Department of StatePayment Number 2 City of Chino Hills**
16 & over (book)$30.00$35.00 (DS-11 only)
15 & under (book)$15.00$35.00

Optional Fees and Services to Add in Check Totals

TypePayment Number 1 U.S. Department of StatePayment Number 2 City of Chino Hills**
 Passport Photo N/A $13.50
 Expedite Fee $60.00 N/A
 Copy Fee Per
 N/A $0.10
 Expedite Postage  Fee $17.56$22.75 

Renew by Mail

See if you’re able to Renew By Mail. It’s the simplest way to renew your passport. DS-82: U.S. Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Individuals (By Mail) (PDF)

Processing Time

Regular Service is currently taking up to 18 weeks.
Expedited Service is currently taking up to 12 weeks.

*A certified birth certificate has a raised embossed, impressed or multicolored seal. The registrar’s signature and date must be visible. Abstracts which do not include complete parental information are not acceptable for passport purposes. Short-format abstract certificates from California are never acceptable. 

*Children under the age of 16, must be accompanied by BOTH parents.