Contract Compliance Program Objectives

  • Ensures compliance with all Federal and State Public Contract Codes
  • Ensures all City Council adopted policies regarding public contracts followed
  • Coordination of Public Bid openings and awards
  • Coordination of Requests for Proposals and Professional Service Agreements
  • Negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • Ensuring that City bonding and insurance requirements are met
  • Monitor terms and expiration dates of various contracts

Contract Categories

  • The City of Chino Hills enters into several types of contracts depending on the service requirements, however contracts typically fall into the following categories:

Public Works Projects

  • Includes contracts for supplies, equipment and contractual services for public works projects as defined by California Public Contract Code Section 20161.
  • These projects are publicly advertised, bid and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder
  • For a list of current public works projects the City of Chino Hills is accepting bids for click here

Professional Services

  • Includes services of attorneys, physicians, architect, engineers, consultants, auditors, artists, or other individuals or organizations possessing a high, degree of specialized professional, technical expertise not adaptable to competitive bidding
  • The selection process for this type of agreement is typically achieved through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process.This process requests firms to submit their qualifications, approach to work, experience regarding similar projects. A selection committee rates the proposals to identify the most qualified firm or individual. Selections are made based on the merits of the proposal, not the lowest price

Consultant Services

  • Includes the services of all others not falling in the above category
  • These agreements are typically considered and approved by the City Council on a fiscal year basis